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Therapy Groups

Solavis Mindfulness Meditation Group (New Paltz)

Courtney Edwards, MS  | Published on 2/27/2021


Courtney Edwards, MS
Courtney Edwards is a trained counselor and meditation practitioner. As a behavioral health coach, I integrate my past experience as a psychotherapist with mindfulness practice and an intentional holistic self-care perspective. We will work within the context of personal psychology and emotional experiences to overcome obstacles and barriers to your success - however you define it.

Contact Info: 

$10.00 per person/discounts available

122 Main St. New Paltz, NY 

Group Meets:
Alternating Mondays from 6:00 -7:00 p.m.

Target Clients: 

18 and over -  any background or level of practitioner is welcome. Goals include decreasing anxiety, stress reactions, or other emotional disturbances or increasing focus, concentration, well-being, and effective sleep. 

Group Description:

All levels of meditation experience welcomed - this group is for those seeking to start, strengthen, or share their mindfulness practice.

Each week, the session will begin with a silent or guided meditation, which will be followed by a themed topic for group discussion. Closing will consist of a silent or lovingkindness meditation.

This group is great for anyone wishing to begin a meditation practice, or looking for the accountability that comes with a group process. New or experienced meditators looking for like-minded peers to share, support, and practice with will also enjoy this group.

Meditators should bring a mat, cushion, blanket or pillow if they have one. There will be limited supplies available on site but the room also does come with seating options off the floor.