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A Circle of Women: Changes
Amy Benedict, LMFT & M.ED.

(917) 525-5849 or 

Adoptive Parents Support Group
Barbara Freedgood, LCSW
(212) 645-7047 or

Connecting Teens Communication Skills Group

Matt Maher, PhD & Andrea Kost, MHC-LP
(845)481-0646 or

Co-Parenting Support Group
Keith Jordan, LCSW
(845) 345-8956 or

Couples Group

Keith Jordan, LCSW

(845) 345-8956 or

The Daring Way

Sarah Perl, LCSW-R, CDWF

845-768-3585 or

Dialectical Behavior Group

Melissa Moreno, LCSW-R

(845) 665-1234 or

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy: Interpersonal Effectiveness
Fred Harris, LCSW
(845) 679-4443 or

Gambling Psychotherapy Group

Joan Cybulski, LMHC,CASAC/Gambling, NCC, EAS-C, LPN, ICCDP-D

(845) 677-4863 or 

Mama Said Mom's Group
Sara Gugluizza, LCSW
(718) 986-7470 or

Men's Group
Jerry Sander, LCSW
(845) 987-0094 or

Mid-Life Women's Group

Carole Sayle, LCSW-R, CASAC

(518) 943-5354 or

Mindfulness Meditation Group

Melissa Moreno, LCSW-R

(845) 665-1234 or  

Parent Support Group

Andrea Grunblatt, Ph.D., CGP

(845) 331-3001 or

Psychodrama for Survivors
Fred Harris, LCSW
(845)282-5201 or

Relational, Psychodynamic Group

Andrea Grunblatt, Ph.D., CGP

(845) 331-3001 or

Separating, Divorcing, Regrouping

Leslie M. Pereira, Ph.D, LCSW-R

(917) 533-3082 or

Social Interaction Group for children, preadolescents and adolescents

Andrea Grunblatt, Ph.D., CGP
(845) 331-3001 

Solavis Mindfulness Meditation Group
Courtney Edwards, MS

(845) 699-0692 or