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The Daring Way™


Sarah Perl, LCSW-R, CDWF

Contact Info: 
518-894-8512 or


Kingston, NY and New York City

Target Clients: 

Women and men who may benefit from building shame resilience skills and/or building upon their capacity for wholehearted living.  Additionally, this group is occasionally offered to a closed circle of helping professionals, who would like to hone in on these areas for themselves amongst the safety of a circle that's reserved exclusively for clinicians.

Group Description:
These psychoeducational groups are designed to help members explore areas related to their own relationship to vulnerability, shame, and wholeheartedness. Together, participants learn about topics such as trust, values, empathy, self-compassion, myths of vulnerability, shame shields, identities & triggers. Members self select which area of their life that they would like to work with as a paradigm for learning while participating in the group. The use of metaphor is intertwined in the curriculum and creativity is invited. Through discussion, videos, worksheets, and guided exercises, Sarah will lead group members through a process of self-discovery and promote connection with self and others.