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"infidelity Issues" Couples Group


Keith Jordan, LCSW

Contact Info:
845-345-8956 or

$40 per couple

1131 Route 55,  Suite 1, Lagrangeville, New York 12540

Group Description:

For couples who are married or living together in a committed relationship, and having difficulties in their relationship due to one of them having had infidelity issues (either an affair at some time during the past three years, or other "extramarital behavior" that may not have included an actual sexual relationship). Emphasis will be on looking at communication and behavior patterns on the parts of both members of the couple and receiving feedback from other group members. The relationship partners are required to commit to a minimum of four group sessions that are paid for in advance ($160 total per couple for the four sessions).  It is a self-pay group (no insurance).   New couples are accepted into the group every four sessions.  This group is in the formative stages and as of 9/1/19, Keith Jordan was still seeking to get enough couples to form a group.  The group will be meeting every other week for 75 minutes, at a day and time convenient for the group members.  Please contact Keith Jordan for the current status of the group.  

Group Meets:
Every other Wednesday, 8:00 p.m. to 9:15 p.m.